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At Symmetry, we offer a variety of wellness services for your holistic journey.  Book an appointment online with one of our qualified practitioners today. 

Intuitive Herbalism

Intuitive Herbalism Consultations honor the healing process as coming from within. Erin may recommend changes to diet and lifestyle, as well as the introduction of herbs and other supplements to help guide the vital force (the body’s innate healing ability) to wellness. Initial consults are 90 minutes. Find out more at the link below.

Soul Care Sessions

Nature is the best healer

In Soul Care Sessions, Erin holds sacred space and provides gentle guidance as you move together beyond resistance and fear to access your inner wisdom and knowing. The goal of the session is to practice deeply accessing and acknowledging inner wisdom through relaxation and gentle guidance and companioning.

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Divination & Card Readings

Symmetry offers a variety of unique types of readings to accommodate your needs. Clients are welcome to bring a notebooks or journal to record their reading. Each reading is non-judgmental, confidential, and delivered with compassion and understanding, and sometimes a bit of humor. Please note readings do not predict the future. Readings are intended to give an individual insight to a specific situation or question.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki helps energy blockages and restores alignment, healing the body’s natural energy pathways. Erin Shrader & Leandra Witchwood are excited to offer private reiki sessions to our clients. As Masters of Usui Reiki, Celtic Reiki, and other energy healing modalities, we bring a range of knowledge and working experience to the collective. Reiki is a chakra-based energy healing modality that helps to improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Clients seek energy healing for blockages and issues related to emotional issues, pain, anxiety, depression, physical recovery, digestive issues, post-surgery healing, and spiritual development.  Each session is individualized based on your needs to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Each Reiki session is approximately 60-minutes in length. This high vibration of energy helps clients better tune in to healing their own mental, emotional, and physical ailments directly from within.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing sessions begin with a free 15-20 minute consultation where the goals of the session are determined and necessary paperwork is completed. At that time, the crystal healing session is scheduled. Each crystal healing session is one hour and includes pendulum-guided energy scanning, intentional placement of stones on the fully clothed body to aid in the flow of healing energies which are directed by the healer’s hands and the use of singing bowls. Essential oils and plant incense may be used if appropriate for the client. Crystal healing is a partnership between the healer, the client and the stones to release blockages and enhance balance and wellness.

Dark Moon Coaching

Do you feel like you repeat patterns without understanding why? Do you feel rage when you encounter certain behaviors within yourself and others? Do you regret the choices you make?

Claiming the Shadow and Dark Mirror coaching is a unique shadow work formula created by Leandra Witchwood designed to bridge the gap between Jungian Shadow Work and Shamanic Shadow Work. This formula helps draw a more precise path from regret to empowerment.

Each session is 60-minutes long. Your first session is a discovery session (30-min) where we identify key areas of focus and create a plan for walking the Shadowlands.
Follow-up sessions help keep you on track and help us adjust the plan as necessary.

The Dark Mirror awaits your reflection.

Massage Therapy

Meet Kimber Dudley

A York native, Kimber has been a licensed massage therapist since 2016 and an energy worker since 2011. She never felt the western model of medicine addressed each person in a holistic way, and her love of anatomy and physiology led her to bodywork; she loves to apply her knowledge to help clients avoid or recover from surgeries, manage chronic pain and conditions, address injuries, or simply to relax. Her work aims to help each person’s physical and energetic body restore its natural balance by bringing awareness to areas that need attention.

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