Making Spirit Dolls

Spirit Doll Workshop

What is a Spirit Doll? A Spirit Doll is an intuitively created handmade doll that embodies its own unique qualities. It may symbolize or embody an archetype, idea, activity, self-image, experience, the divine, and so on. It holds your intentions and desires. 

The process of making a Spirit Doll allows you to communicate with the deepest parts of yourself, which can be profoundly healing and transformative. These Dolls can be used in meditation, for ceremony, as part of an altar, given as a gift or in any way that feels right. 

The evening will consist of a guided meditation and thoughtful processing of the qualities you want to represent with your doll, creation of your spirit doll and conversation.

All materials will be provided. You are encouraged to bring any additional meaningful items to add to your doll, but it’s not necessary.

For more information on the project contact Betsie McClimans at

Teacher: Betsie McClimans
Date: October 23, 2021
Time: 6:30 pm-8:30pm
Location: Symmetry Holistic Collective, 15 North Beaver Street, York, PA 17401
All supplies are included with your reservation fee.

About Betsie:

Art has been a huge tool for me. I love that I can use color and texture to describe my feelings and tell a story of how I see the world. It helps me express what’s going on inside when words aren’t enough.
Art is fun. The more I delve into it, the more creative my life becomes. The artistic process flows into other areas of my life, making the world around me more exciting and inspiring. My problem-solving skills and confidence grow exponentially the more I experiment with artistic expression.
For the past four years I’ve been bringing art projects into rehab centers and prison programs, as well as offering them to retreat and private groups.
My goal is to help people think about who they are on a deeper level and to become open to the beauty found both within them and their surroundings. The creative process can help to clarify what’s important, expose what brings life and joy, and reveal how people feel most connected to the world around them. Art gives them confidence when they see they can start and finish something. My favorite part is seeing a light go on when people realize how much they enjoy this new and meaningful way to spend their time. Art really is for everyone.

The event is finished.


Oct 23 2021


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm




Symmetry Holistic Collective
15 North Beaver Street, York, PA 17401
Symmetry Holistic Collective


Symmetry Holistic Collective
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