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Herbs have always been in my life… But not just for cooking. My journey with plants and herbs has been deeply spiritual and profound. Plants have a magick all their own.

Leandra is the founder of the food and lifestyle blog and podcast, The Magick Kitchen, where she focuses on Kitchen Witchcraft, herbalism, and the many interests and issues related to the Pagan & Witchcraft community. Leandra writes various books focused on helping the beginner and seeker find their path. Her best seller is Magick in the Kitchen, A real-world spiritual guide for manifesting the Kitchen Witch within.

Leandra specializes in Celtic Reiki where Celtic plant and tree wisdom is used in tandem with the healing universal energy of reiki to promote healing. This unique system helps creates an equilibrium allowing restoration of your whole self. Reiki is an incredible discipline that could cleanse your body and further illuminate the spiritual understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Leandra is a small business owner. Her company, The Witchwood Teahouse, offers a variety of teas and sacred botanicals for spiritual work, wellness, everyday enjoyment, and more. Through her company Symmetry Holistic Collective, Leandra realizes her vision for true holistic wellness through a variety of time-tested practices and community involvement. Her work is the embodiment of magickal intention, wellness, and self-care. 

Leandra holds several certificates and diplomas in Herbalism, Neural Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki Master Teacher, Shadow Work Mastery, Shamanism, Meditation, Divine Feminine Studies, and Spiritual Leadership, to name a few. 

To learn more about Leandra and her work, visit: https://www.leandrawitchwood.com/meet-leandra/

About Erin


Erin Shrader is born and raised in South Central PA, where she is raising her kids as the seventh generation of European immigrants from Switzerland, Germany, Scotland, and England.

Erin is a Registered Nurse with 16 years of experience and is a Certified Herbalist, Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Spiritual Director, Master Reiki Teacher, and lifelong Wild Woman, keeping one foot in the Otherworld as a practitioner of Earth-Based Spirituality and the Craft of the Wise.

Erin is also the owner of The Rebel Herbalist website, blog, and podcast where she offers handmade herbal remedies and wisdom on topics related to herbs and herbalism. 

Learn more here –  https://www.therebelherbalist.com/

About Stacy


Stacy is a Certified Crystal Healer, a Life Coach, native to South-Central PA. She is currently enrolled in a Death Doula certification program. This dedication to companioning the dying reflects her soul’s calling to be a Psychopomp and her lifelong study of her German, Scottish, and Norse ancestors’ folk traditions.

Stacy is a certified Life Coach and has studied personal growth and healing with stones and crystals intensely for the past 6 years. Stacy owns Wild Moon & Co., where she crafts high-quality ceremonial stone-infused candles and offers astrology, tarot, and oracle readings since 2017.

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