Celtic Reiki Session, Initial Session


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Reiki helps energy blockages and restores alignment, healing the body’s natural energy pathways. Leandra Witchwood is excited to offer private reiki sessions to our clients. As a Master of Usui Reiki, Celtic Reiki, and other energy healing modalities, Leandra brings a range of knowledge and working expereince to the collective. Reiki is a chakra-based energy healing modality that helps to improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Leandra’s clients include those seeking energy healing related to emotional issues, pain, anxiety, depression, physical recovery, digestive issues, post-surgery healing, and spiritual development. Leandra specializes in Celtic Reiki where Celtic plant and tree wisdom is used in tandem with the healing universal energy of reiki to promote healing. This unique system helps creates an equilibrium allowing restoration of your whole self. Reiki is an incredible discipline that could cleanse your body and further illuminate the spiritual understanding of yourself and the world around you. Each session is individualized based on your needs to help you achieve your wellness goals. Each Reiki session is approximately 60-minutes in length. This high vibration of energy helps clients better tune in to healing their own mental, emotional, and physical ailments directly from within.


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