Chakra Tealight Set, Bee’s Wax Candles


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Our Chakra Tea Light set is a complete set of seven candles, one each representing each of the major chakra points.
We hand-pour each of the candles in our Chakra Tea Light Set using 100% beeswax into molds containing a representative symbol for each chakra on the top. We never add fragrance to our candles since beeswax has a wonderfully pleasant scent all its own. When complete, we infuse each of the candles with the appropriate Reiki energies for each of the chakra points. In addition, the color of each chakra candle resonates with the chakra point it represents.
As with most of our tea lights, we present this set in standard aluminum tea light holders so that they are ready to use.
To work on attaining a balance between all of your chakras, arrange the seven candles in a vertical or horizontal line in order of the chakra points, and burn simultaneously. If you need to work on one specific chakra that may be blocked, simply burn that one candle alone.
WARNING! NEVER burn the candles on the body itself! Please refer to the candle care section of our website.

Root – Red
Sacral – Orange
Solar Plexus – Yellow
Heart – Green
Throat – Light Blue
Third Eye – Blue
Crown – Purple


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