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This is a 6-week online, self-paced introductory course on shadow work.
Through this course, you will gain a clear understanding of the shadow self, shadow aspects, and the shadow realm. We will meet weekly in person as we develop relationships with shadow helpers, healers, and guides. Within this course, you will gain access to a unique system meshing spiritual modalities and daily activities, empowering you to continue Shadow Work beyond the completion of this course.
You will be offered a variety of tools for the journey, including guided meditations, journey work, prompts, and visualizations.
Daily, weekly & monthly ceremonies and rituals are also part of the program allowing you the ability to maintain and balance your ongoing path.
By the end of this course, you will gain a better sense of stability and methods for alleviating stress, depression, stagnation, anxiety, and other counterproductive pitfalls that hinder progress.
Join us in a group-supported environment where we take Shadow Work out of its Jungian confines and into a healing spiritual journey as we rediscover the strength your shadow has to offer. Within this beginner’s course will learn how to incorporate Shadow Work as a healing modality into your daily practice. Shadow Work is not always easy and can feel overwhelming when you take it on alone. Together we will help you reclaim your strengths and unique talents.
Imagine owning the ability to restore your truth, sexuality, joy, and passion. Imagine gaining power and confidence from your previously ignored and devalued traits. Discover your limitless capacity to generate true strength from your worst fears. It is time to own your authentic self as you wade in waters of profound security. In this course, you will be given distinct views and interpretations of the Shadow and Shadow Work using Magickal, Shamanic, and psychological points of view.
It is time to let go of the fears that hold you back. It is time to resolve the feeling that there is something fundamentally “wrong” with you or that you are somehow “broken”. Feel empowered as you directly manifest your needs and desires in your life and thrive in all you do. Become empowered by your gifts as you learn to create a world where you and others like you are valued and honored.
Within a supportive group environment, we will directly address the collective shadow as we address our personal shadow and the threads that reinforce unjust, oppressive, and hate-fueled dialogue and behaviors. Through this unique Shadow Work model, you will discover how to work with the Shadow through the use of meditation, visualization, shamanic journeying, working with the Divine Feminine, and other tools to tackle the tough work ahead.
This is a 6-week in-person course for beginners held at Symmetry Holistic Collective, 15 North Beaver Street, York, PA 17401. Classes begin Thursday, August 26, 2021, at 7:00 pm and are an estimated 60-90 minutes in length.


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