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Cleavers, Gallium aparine, is a prolific spring green here in the Grove. Also called Our Lady’s Bedstraw, this herb is associated with creating a safe place to rest and recover while also moving out old and stagnant energires to ready us for the next phase of our journey.

The tincture of cleavers is a tonic to the lymph system, helping to move out stagnant lymphatic fluids. It has a special affinity for the urinary tract, helping to soothe the discomfort of UTI while also aiding the body in moving kidney stones. It is an overall tonic (like most spring greens) and has adaptogenic qualities which help the body handle stress and fatigue.

Cleavers is ruled by the moon and has deeply cooling and moistening properties. If you already have a cool constitution (cold easily, carry extra weight, tend toward depression, etc) be mindful of how your body responds to cleavers medicine. It may tip you too far towrard the cooling end of things. It may still be good medicine for you, but perhaps adding a balancing


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