Elderberry Elixir


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Elderberry has become a trusted herbal ally in our culture. For many people, elderberry is their introduction to the herbal medicine world. This native plant, Sambucus canadensis, is a pharmacy in itself. In my ideal world, every home would have an eldeberry bush growing in the yard. Elderberry tincture is made from the ripe berries of the elderberry bush (which I fight the birds to harvest, and they are much more efficient and dedicated than I am). This tincture has so many healing benefits, but most think of it as an immune tonic, which is one of its greatest uses. I have found elderberry tincture to be an overall tonic, increasing energy and stamina and elevating the mood. Elderberry is known to help move toxins out of the body while also acting as an anti-inflammatory and soothing allergies, arthritis and other imbalances. For years, we took eldberberry every day all year around with occasional breaks for a week or two. This tincture is especially helpful as a preventative during cold and flu season.


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