Fleabane Tincture


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Fleabane is a native wildflower to North America. Standing up to two feet tall with a crown of profuse daisy-like blossoms, Erigeron is a common plant to be found in gardens, on roadsides, in meadows, and anywhere that nature is allowed freedom to cultivate her own gardens. 

Like plantain, dandelion, and others, Erigeron is a pioneer species that establishes itself in disturbed areas and begins the work of healing the ecosystem.

This plant is healing to the ecosystem of the body as well. Diuretic and astringent, this plant helps to move congestion and gravel out of the kidneys and to improve the overall health of the urinary tract. It is also hemostatic, helping to stop active bleeding from injury or from other causes including heavy menstrual bleeding. 

Erigeron is also known to help with cough and congestion, using its stimulant action to help the body expel excess mucus. It is a dispersent and helps to move heat and blood to the periphery of the body, which can also be useful when working with the bo


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