Friday Night Tea Talk: Elyse Welles


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Manifest a Spiritual Life with Elyse Welles
In this tea talk, Elyse guides you through reflective practices and visualization exercises to explore the ways we can live a life we feel present in, and feel in control of. We’ll discuss mindset shifts, daily practices, and what tools we have in our spiritual arsenal to stay on our best path. Living a spiritual life is when you feel the moments of your life and actively engage with them. This mindset is the foundation of a life full of happiness, success, and empowerment.
A Greek-Egyptian American, Elyse Welles currently lives in Greece, rescuing cats and writing at ancient temples. She recently finished her first novel, “Witch on the Juniata River”, for which she is currently pursuing publication. She has been published in Aayo Magazine, Yellow Arrow Journal, and Darksome Moon’s online blog. She co-hosts the Magick Kitchen Podcast, and travels the world’s spiritual sites for her YouTube channel, Seeking Numina. Her online course, “Manifesting a Spiritual Life”, is taught through Cerridwen’s Grove Collective. She runs her own tours of Athens area temples throughout the summer, and is also a personal spiritual coach.
This is a $5 paid in-person and free live-streamed community event. In order to host our guest speaker, we must have at least 5 paid in person attendees. In the event that less than 5 paid reservations are made, the event will be canceled and the registration costs will be refunded. Each Friday Night Tea Talk event is brought to you by CHI (Community Holistic Integrations) at Symmetry Holistic Collective in Downtown York, Pa.
Space is limited, a $5 registration fee is required for in-person seating. Seating for the event is not assigned. Each seat is first-come, first-served. Our space offers chair seating, bolster seating, and standing room. The event will be streamed via Facebook Live at 7 pm.


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