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The universe is alive, and we have the means to tap into that vital force. As Witches, we understand this without a doubt. We have companions and guides standing with us each step of the way. Our path is not meant for anyone else to understand or accept. It is ours, and the rules we play by are not dictated by human construct. We are not here to please others or seek their validation. We are authentically magick! Nature teaches and supports us. The universe holds its hand out to us; should we rise to accept the power of our birthright.
As we set out on our marvelous magickal journey, we may find blockages. Blockages prevent us from seeing and experiencing the power at our fingertips. The origin and truth about these blockages are shadows eclipsing our ability. These shadows are barriers keeping us from fully maturing into our purpose. We are charmed by the possibilities, yet we are walled off, kept away from our potential. When you have read all the books, and they begin to repeat the same message, you begin to realize that you have hit a plateau. You may find yourself in a pit of stagnation. Freeing yourself from this stagnation is critical to your development and ability to move forward on your path. You must be willing to dig deep and walk in the muddy mess created by your Shadow if you hope to break free of the bonds that bind you.
Excerpt: From the Witches Shadow, by Leandra Witchwood
Tame your inner demons:
Everybody has a dark side hidden under a mask we create to seem acceptable through compliance. Through Shadow Work, we learn to unbind ourselves from unfair conditioning and other people’s shame.
From the Witch’s Shadow is an in-depth look at Dark Mirror Shadow Work. Dark Mirror Shadow Work is a specific style of shadow Work developed by Leandra Witchwood. This style of Shadow Work is taught via Leandra’s s course, Claiming the Shadow, and within her private Dark Mirror group. We will touch on Dark Mirror Shadow Work topics within this book, and if you choose to take your journey further, you are invited to join Leandra in her other offerings.
The Dark Mirror style of Shadow Work is a mix of Jungian Shadow Work, Esoteric Shadow Work, and Magickal Shadow Work. Leandra brings all these aspects together to illuminate the unconscious aspects of your personality that create roadblocks to your balance, happiness, and success.
What you will learn in this book:
How to identify the origins of your Shadows
Self-Discovery Techniques
Self-Acceptance Techniques
How to engage in acts of self-love and confidence building.
How to address your Shadow through meditation, ritual, and journaling
How to create relationships with powerful ancestors, deities, and spirit guides who will help you navigate the shadowlands.
Tips for addressing your Shadow
Tips for integrating the Shadow as a superpower


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