Hands of the Huntress


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Like Artemis moving through the forest or hedgerow, gathering, hunting, foraging, digging, we can come into contact with brambles, stings, poison or burns. This salve is created for the minor injuries of everyday life. It is made of the plants that the Huntress would encounter in the wild as she moves through the forest, the plants that she would chew and spit into a poultice to soothe her wounds.

Each batch of the Hands of the Huntress is unique and customized for what is growing here in the Grove at the time the batch is made. The plant allies are soothing, healing and relieve itches, burns, rashes, bites, stings and minor cuts. Chickweed, plantain, speedwell, and comfrey make the base of the spring salve. This cream can be applied topically to soothe, protect and aide in healing.

Imagine the energy of the Earth renewing itself is bottled up in each jar of the Hands of the Huntress. Use that essence of vitality and renewal anywhere that your skin is red, dry, itchy or ouchy.

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Hands of the Huntress 2 0z, Hands of the Huntress 4 oz


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