Moon Magick Workshop with Leandra Witchwood


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Join Leandra Witchwood for an introductory workshop with a deep focus on Moon Magick, Saturday, May 14th just before the Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Flower Moon on May 16th.
Expect the energy of this moon to coincide with the Divine Feminine. This is the high time for magickal workings related to divination and protection and also casting spells for healing, abundance, and prosperity.
The total lunar eclipse or blood moon also symbolizes shining a light on our darkest days and illuminating the deepest and darkest corners of ourselves, allowing the light of awareness in the darkest places of ignorance, shame, guilt, and embarrassment. This is an optimal time to dive deep into Shadow Work.
This powerhouse of energy is set to assist us in shedding our outer skin as a form of renewal.
This workshop will open with a guided Blood Moon Meditation followed up by an in-depth demonstration of how to collect Moon Water and integrate it into your magickal practices as you work through your intentions and manifestations.
The cost of this workshop includes a Glass Jar for collecting your Moon Water and all the resources and knowledge you’ll need to integrate Moon Magick into your daily practices.


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