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Motherwort, Leonurus cardiaca, first arrived in my life when I was recovering from a miscarriage. I had ordered seeds the year before from Mountain Rose Herbs, but the seeds had never germinated. The following spring a plant I didn’t recognzie suddenly began growing in the garden. I noticed these sweet little green palms outstretched toward me and a square stem that told me this plant likely belongs to the mint family. After a few more references, I was sure that this was Motherwort.

Once the plant grew tall and began growing the well-protected flower stalks with their purple flowers and constant buzzing of honeybees and bumblebees, I watched some YouTube vidoes of Susun Weed making Motherwort tincture from the flowering tops. I made my first batch of Motherwort tincture that summer and I’ve been making it regularly from this same plant ever since. When we moved to our new house years later, this plant just happened to put up a baby that I was able to dig to bring along with us. I am still making tinctures


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