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This spray was formulated to help my kiddos when they were having nightmares and fears in the night.

The word nightmare comes from the Old English word maere, and was believed to be a female spirit that would sit on the chest of dreamers and steer their inner landscapes to a world of horrors and fear.

This room spray can also be used as a pillow spray, and is safe to be used as a body spray as well. It is formulated with:

* hops infused vodka, hops being known to invite deep and restful sleep
*mugwort hydrosol, mugwort also known for protection in the realm of dreaming
*lavender essential oil for calming and relaxation
*vetiver essential oil to bring a grounded ease
*jasmine essential oil for relaxation and a sense of beauty and peace
*chamomile essential oil which is known to be soothing and calming

We spray this around the windows and doors, on the bed and pillow, and on to the dreamcatchers that hang above the bed, while saying:

1,2,3 (a spray with each number): Peaceful sleep comes to me.
3,2,1: Safe and sound until the sun.

May your dreams be filled with comfort and peace.


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