Intuitive Herbalism Consultations with Erys


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In many ways plants are our elders, our mentors, our teachers and healers. They came before us and created the conditions for life on Earth to flourish. They are our medicine, our shelter, our clothing, our nourishment, and they offer us the gift of hope and healing with their beauty. 

In Intuitive Herbalism Sessions, Erys will guide you into deeper relationship with plants who are balancing and supportive to your particular inner-ecosystem.

Erys may suggest tinctures, teas, meditations, rituals and more as ways to work with the plant’s healing essence. 

The first session is up to 90 minutes, as there is much ground to cover as we explore your inner landscape. Follow up sessions are each an hour, and much of the follow up can occur via phone or email. 

Although Erys is trained as a holistic nurse and clinical herbalist, Intuitive Herbalism keeps YOU in the center of the healing work. You are the expert on your ecosystem. You know best, and you will know if a suggestion is right or wrong for you. Your sovereignty and ability to heal are paramount to this work. 




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