Sea Witch Botanicals Aromatherapeutic Incense


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Mix and match any combination of the five signature scents from the Sea Witch!

Green Fairy is a sultry scent of star anise essential oil.

Herbal Renewal is an invigorating blend of lavender and rosemary essential oils.

Hermitage is an intimate blend of patchouli, lavender, and grapefruit oils.

Quoth the Raven is an energetic blend of orange, cinnamon, and clove essential oils.

White Lodge is an uplifting blend of fur needle and cedarwood atlas essential oils.

Incense is $0.50/stick and 25 sticks for $10.


Green Fairy, Per Stick, Green Fairy, 25 Sticks, Herbal Renewal, Per Stick, Herbal Renewal, 25 Sticks, Hermitage, Per Stick, Hermitage, 25 Sticks, Quoth The Raven, Per Stick, Quoth The Raven, 25 Sticks, White Lodge, Per Stick, White Lodge, 25 Sticks, Mix And Match 25 sticks, 25 Sticks


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