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When you sit down to enjoy a cup of flavorful tea with Leandra Witchwood this simple act becomes meaningful and purpose-driven as each sip is infused with intention and messages.
Tea leaf readings are a unique and ancient art of divination. After booking your session appointment you can expect a hot cup of tea waiting for you in a sacred space. During your tea leaf reading you will be asked to sip a small cup of unfiltered tea as you meditate and reflect on the question you bring to the session. Once you have consumed the appropriate amount of liquid from your cup Leandra will then read the remaining leaves. This is an intuitive reading where messages are extracted from the symbols and images left behind.
Please feel free to bring a journal to record and reflect on your experience, or you may also purchase one in the store. Each session is approximately 25 minutes.
Please book your time slot before purchasing a session. https://squareup.com/appointments/book/bee52f7e-e030-4782-870d-4f39462699fe/L7ACV4RVJAENT/services


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