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Use this tea before you meditate to get your mind, body, and spirit in the right space. Blended from herbs chosen for their sacred properties the Witch’s Meditation Tea is formulated to help you reach a deep state of awareness as you relax and connect with Divinity.
Magickal and Energetic Aspects of this Tea:
Oolong – Courage & Focus
Bachelor’s Button – Invoking the Divine
Lavender – Protection & Purification
Star Anise – Psychic Power
Lemon balm – Relaxation & to calm the mind
Peppermint – Cleansing
Spearmint – Healing
Feverfew – Protection
YEAH, BUT DOES IT TASTE GOOD? The Witchwood Teahouse works to make each of our blends flavorful and enjoyable. Our Witch’s Meditation Tea is filled with flavor from a sweet floral element to minty and lightly earthy overtones.
OKAY, SO WHAT’S IN THIS TEA? We use only, organic, natural, and responsibly sourced ingredients. In this tea, you will find organic, fair-trade Oolong, Peppermint, Spearmint, Lavender, Star Anise, Lemon balm, Bachelor’s Button & Feverfew. That’s it! No added flavors (not even those so-called “natural” ones), no added preservatives – just-tea perfectly blended the way tea is meant to be.
WHY CHOOSE OUR TEA? At the Witchwood Teahouse, it is our mission is to offer a line of functional, organic, responsibility sourced, high-quality, and great tasting teas. Our tea supports vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, clean, paleo, and plant-based diets. Master Herbalist, Leandra Witchwood, creates each blend to ensure optimal flavor and potency. Each tea is handcraft in small batches and is taste-tested to ensure they are fresh and flavorful! Our goal is to bring you herbal blends that promote wellness and pleasure for the whole of you – mind, body, and spirit.
Brewing and Estimated Servings Per Bag
The Witchwood Teahouse teas are measured and packaged by volume before shipping. The number of servings per bag is an approximation based on traditional tea brewing methods. Traditionally a single serving of tea is 6oz of brewed tea, which requires 1 to 1.5 teaspoons of dry tea. 1 teaspoon of dry tea will typically brew 2-6oz cups (or servings) of tea.
This number is an approximation based on your taste preference and cup size. A large bag can yield 45 servings when brewed using this method. Using a large mug or using more tea than suggested will lessen the number of servings per bag.
Additionally, shipping compacts loose-leaf teas, which is why the reason we can only estimate the total number of servings per bag.
Teas are sold in three bags sizes:
Small or sample size bag – yields approximately 6-8 cups of brewed tea
Medium bag (4oz) – yields approximately 36 cups of brewed tea
Large bag (6oz) – yields approximately 45 cups of brewed tea
The total amount of tea brewed will depend on your flavor preference, how long you allow the tea to brew, and the cup size.
Packaged in resealable gusseted bags. Store tightly sealed in a dark, cool, dry place for up to 6 months.
All sizes are measured by volume.
Please convo me if you have any questions!
Bright Blessings 🌒🌕🌘
Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Humans are complex; therefore, results may vary depending on consumption and individual physiology. The Witchwood Teahouse and affiliates are not responsible for consequences as a result of the misuse and misrepresentation of our products.
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As with all handmade items, the listing image may vary compared to the product received. Please refer to our shop disclaimer for additional warnings and information.


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