Join us in the Grove

Cerridwen’s Grove started as a women’s circle with the goal of bringing together women in sisterhood. We continue our tradition of coming together to enrich our paths with magick and mystery.

Discover the power you hold within:

Join us as we explore magick, establish wellness, and create balance. We are offering classes, workshops, live events on the following topics.

  • Shadow Work
  • Herbal and Plant Companions
  • Crystal Healing
  • End of Life Planning & Appreciation
  • Practical Witchcraft
  • Rituals
  • Crystals
  • Rewilding, and connecting to the earth
  • Contemplative Practices

& so much more!

Meet Our Instructors

Leandra Witchwood

Shadow Work | Witchcraft | Spiritual Direction

Erin Shrader

Herbalism | Fire Tending | Spiritual Direction

Stacy Tolbert

Death Doula | Crystals | Crystal Healing

Elyse Welles

Meditations | Manifesting a Sacred Life